Discover the World in a whole new Light

Infrared Photography opens you up to unimaginable possibilities with your photography.  “Traditional” Visible Light landscapes transform into unparalleled dimensions created from your imaginative vision.  The possibilities are truly endless and wildly gratifying.

What CLiR can offer the Infrared Enthusiast

IR Workflow Solution

We offer the only streamlined Infrared Workflow solution, the CLiR Panel and Education bundle.

Adobe at the Core

The CLiR Panel plugs right into Photoshop keeping your entire IR workflow under one roof, no more fiddling with applications.


No matter what file format you photograph your IR images CLiR has a bulletproof workflow for you.

Laser Targeted Education

The CLiR education bundle includes 5 hours of education and a full arsenal of follow along images and PDF documentation.

Lens Hotspots?

We have developed the only “Hot Spot Buster” for your infrared images that allows the use of any lens on any Infrared conversion.

One of a Kind

CLiR is the only one stop resource where you will find a dedicated IR panel and streamlined workflow for Infrared enthusiasts.

Let CLiR Be Your Guide

We know how difficult the Infrared photography process can be.  We have combined ten years of experience to make the process as efficient and straightforward as possible.  From the science behind capturing infrared light to the post-production of your first IR masterpiece, CLiR has you covered.

Infrared Photography Mastery

The First Infrared Course and Photoshop Panel of its kind!  See why Infrared Photography Mastery is the best training package to learn infrared photography.

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